Monday, August 15, 2005

Atop Devil's Peak in the California Sierra Nevadas

Atop Devil's Peak in the California Sierra Nevadas.

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Blogger Renno Vattio said...

Here's where I came closest in my life to embarking on that final Heavenly journey.

Gail and I were just starting back down from having hiked to the top when I jumped onto a boulder about the size of a TRUCK thinking it won't even know I'm here as I'm a flea compared to it's size and weight.

Gail screamed like I've only heard in horror flicks.
I don't remember any of it, (except the scream) but she said I moved like a cat as I spun & rolled in the air, landing rolling uphill (and breaking my thumb) just above where the now missing ground had been held in place by the boulder.

I guess the boulder was ready to go and evidently just needed about 185lbs of coaxing.

After I finally stopped rolling uphill and was on 'stable ground' I watched it take out full-sized trees as it continued it's deadly swath down through the country side below on the back side of the peak.

I challenged the Angels that day.

Good to still be here.


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